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Want to meet with gay rent boy and not really sure where to look, what happens and just what to expect when having sex with a male escort ?

meeting gay escortsIts a VERY good question if you've never had sex with a gay rent boy before then what does happen? after all for most of us we've probably never had sex with a male sex before ....

As a bi male I remember my first time and back then ( yes I'm that old lol) it really was a case of trusting the escort and hoping he didn't make you feel like a twat when you ask what could be classed as stupid questions ....its just for this reason that I contacted one of the gay male escorts and asked for his view ......Enjoy reading it may well help you if your considering meeting with a gay male escort for the first time


I’ve been a escort / rent boy for a few years now and was asked to write these tips on what happens when you meet with a male escort and more so to make sure you enjoy it and hopefully come back to the escort ... This guide to meeting male escorts is split into – Making contact with escorts / Meeting  and afterwards I hope you find this helpful and more so if you live around the Yorkshire region and want to meet with 30ish gay escort then I’m waiting ;o)

Making contact with a gay escort – the enquiry. Most people contact me via the website so just send an email and whilst it doesn’t cost anything to send an email it doesn’t mean to say that a rent boy will want a thousand and one emails asking dumb ass questions and drip feeding these questions…If you have any questions then add them all onto one email and send that

Some of the places I advertise I can add a direct phone number so you can contact a escort directly via a mobile phone BUT the important consideration her is NOT to block your phone number as from my side of things it screens out that you’ve got something to hide…either your some creep that just wants to keep phoning gay escorts up or you’re a time waster either way a blocked number in most cases I won’t answer ...Its not that we don’t understand that you want to be discreet, but so are and one thing you can be sure about is the last thing I’m going to be doing or any of the other gay escorts I know is phoning guys back …if we are not working then we are relaxing and not pestering guys

Another thing to consider is that I do meet with other guys as well, so if you send a message to an escort understand that it may take a few hours before I can respond, if I’ve not replied its because I’m working  

Meeting the escort at his home – incall gay escorts – When meeting bi males / gay guys in fact any male I never give out my address to first timers , the reason is simple in that I don’t want loads of guys having my working or home address – What I will do is tell you the road I live in and once your there you can text me and I’ll give you the number of my home…This is the way I work, some gay escorts are happy to giver out full contacts details, not me

Once you get to my home, I will expect payment straight away and its standard courtesy to offer payment at the beginning of the appointment, with guys I’ve meet before or regular males I will sometimes leave payment till the end and if you’re a little embarrassed about passing over cash to an escort then use an envelope.
Normally when a guy is visiting me we would have already addressed some of the more standard questions like the types of things I’ll do or not as some gay escorts are passive other like myself are a top gay escort ( I fuck guys) and if your looking at a gay escort to fuck you than it will be a good idea before you meet to ask times he sees clients, after all if your looking for a decent cum load you may not have that if he’s fucked 5 guys already that day!

The vast amount of appointments I get are for bi curious / bi male guys that want to be fucked or have oral sex and me cumming in there mouth and this is never an issue for me, but I would recommend you ask the escort first or if hew will tailor the experience to for your likes..most good escorts will and as for me the appointment is about pleasing you and offering what you want .

Clean NO SMEELY BITS – if your not clean I will point you in the direction of the bathroom so consider this as it can be embarrassing..I’m VERY clean  

Afterwords.....Clean up and sod off lol...No really once you've finished if i don't have another meet then I'm happy to chat for a little while...but note LITTLE I'm notr there to offer advice ...I hope you find this helpfull and maybe one day we'll meet up

Check list when meeting gay escorts for first time

  • Ask if its an incall or outcall service
  • make sure you ask all the question on one email and don't keep sending questions
  • Have a shower first or at least a good wash
  • Ask the escort if hes a top Escort ot Bottom Escort
  • Don't ask about bareback sex ........your an idiot if you do

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