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The law on outdoor/public sex is really the same whether you are gay or straight.

The laws are really in place to protect members of the public from being unwilling witnesses to sexual behaviour or from being harassed or intimidated in their use of public spaces or facilities. So sex in public toilets, parks or places where other passers-by may be offended is illegal under s71 Sexual Offences Act 2003. It really depends on the local Police and their attitudes as to whether they will actively pursue users of dogging locations though.

Sex parties, threesomes, group sex and private orgies are however completely legal. Public sex in gay clubs and saunas, whilst in theory is still illegal the Police will in most cases turn a blind eye. Though you will have to make sure there is no infliction of pain as different rules apply for that!

So in short, if you are in a location where you wouldn't expect to be spied upon then you will probably be alright as prosecution relies on the third party onlooker getting upset and reporting you. If you are secluded or on private property then you could argue that they were going out of their way to look!

Therefore, if you want sex under the stars make sure you pick a secluded spot!

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