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Love Gay Movies! but fed up waiting for Gay DVDs then you'll love streaming gay porn !!!

Gay Video on demand at last has hit the UK, no more waiting for gay DVDs to turn up now you can either stream or download great vids - but for many the term Gay VOD means nothing so here's a few tips on using this great new system for getting hold of quality gay movies

Gay Videos on Demand works in 3 ways

  • Streaming Gay Movies - this is one of the most popular way to watch adult movies as the film is streamed live from our computers straight onto yours, so this means once you've found the film you want to watch it will start playing within a few seconds! - To stream gay movies the is around £4 per full length film, so when you compare that to renting a mainstream film around the same
  • Downloading Gay Movies - If your after a fast fix don't use this option as downloading gay movies can take anything up to 2 hours to get hold of the movie, but if your happy to wait and want to watch DVD quality gay movies then this is the best option as once downloaded you can watch it as many times as you like - within the rental period you have chosen - charges are around £6 for 7 days download
  • Gay PPV - by far the most popular way to watch gay porn as you pay for what you watch! so if you only stream 5 minutes that's all you pay for, and another great feature is the scene selection so this means you can jump straight into the section of the film you want to watch, so if its some hot hunk getting fucked you want to check out then click on the image and that's where the movie stars. Charges are around 4p per minute but you will need to buy chunks of time starting from £5. But many people will use the gay PPV option to check out a film before buying the gay movie for either streaming or download
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So stop buying gay DVD from crappy european suppliers and movie over to Gay Movies on Demand and only pay for what you watch!!


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