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Confessions of a bi male that try's cottaging for the first time .....clearly it didn't go well for him, read his bi story ..........

My first cottaging meet was some what a failure in fact it didn’t go very well at all which is the reason I joined a gay contacts website. I’m a married guy and for some years my bi side has been building up and I suppose it came to a head one night when the wife was out.

I knew a few sites that detailed cottaging locations so it didn’t take much research before I had a list of places to try and knowing she was going to be out all night, tonight was going to be the night when I got my hand or lips around guys cock. I was so worked up that I knew I needed to have a quick wank first as getting ready I was rock hard and putting my hand down onto my cock I was leaking pre cum….so with a finger I wiped it around the tip and enjoyed the sweet taste of my own cum…..then had a wank lol    

I headed out to a cottage just on the outskirts of town and I was so desperate to hold a guys cock and suck him but at the same time extremely nervous but I was doing my best to put this in the back of my mind plus my cock was hard and you know that as soon as that happens any rational reasoning goes straight out of the window. I'd tried on many occasions, but tonight it was going to happen. Parking up the car park was dark other than the toilet in the corner with its outside lights on and a few cars parked up. One car looked like a couple was in there so I assumed dogging the other empty ….

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Parking up I didn’t want to park right next to the toilet as I was reading on some bimale contacts site that they recommend guys to not park outside toilets at night …kinda make sense when you think about it, walking into the cottage there was this guy standing by one of the urinals so stood quite close and it was pretty obvious he was wanking into the urinal and after a few quick glances asked if he wanted a helping hand ….or mouth

He responded saying no, but did I want to suck his cock …did I fucking every and nervously walked towards him looking around as I walked although if anyone had walked in then I think I would had a hart attack due to shock. Until the that time the only cock I’d touched was mine let alone wank or suck one off! I got down onto my  knees and still gave another quick look around and it was clear the guy new I was crapping myself, but he assured me that he would keep and eye open and listen for anyone walking towards the toilet.

With his hard cock in my hand I slowly moved forward and sucked the end of his cock and licked it up and down holding his balls and started to move my lips & mouth down his cock, he then placed his hands behind my head and started to forcefully face fucking me and whilst at first it shock a shock having a guys cock going so deep down my thought I found it a massive turn on but being new to sucking a guy I was struggling not to gag and desperately to not choke.

It was whilst sucking him that we heard a sound outside and pulling his cock out he was just cumming and got some cum into my mouth the rest went along side my face and with that we he turned towards the urinal and zipped up and said bye and rushed off out of the toilet

I wanted off and left the toilet and once home decided the only way forward was to join a gay / bi contacts website. I uploaded a profile and started chatting to a few guys when the wife wasn’t around and this one gay guy that was local and really understanding to my problem and over the last few weeks we’ve chatted and I’m meeting him for a drink after work next week….he has his own place … more cottaging for this bi guy….WAY TOO risky but hopefully now a member of a site I’ll start meeting with guys

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