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I wanted to be fucked at a cottaging locations for the first time but would settle for a blow job ........I was rewarded with both

This is my cottaging adventures and whilst since then I've had a lot more and far more interesting experiences I thought I'd tell others about what happened when I first tried cottaging

I’ve been thinking about this for sometime and also doing my research into safe places to meet and whilst the internet pointed out a few location they all seemed a way bit tooooo public – But after joining a contacts website started reading a few postings from other guys and soon found more private places to meet

I really didn’t know what to expect would it just be oral or would I have the treat of someone taking my cottaging virginity away from me so to cover this spent a while sorting my arse with a  dildo and loads of lube after all a guy has to be prepared for a good fucking ……hopefully

As I live in Hampshire I was told about this “private” layby on the A27 that was near to Fareham that was a good cottaging location. I pulled in and it was buried by trees …”ideal” and after waiting for a short while another car pulled in and soon walked over

He got into the car and I’m sure he could see I was nervous but I couldn’t take my eyes off his bulge and what looked like a wonderful “8" cock.  I moved my hand down and after unzipping his pants was rewarded with a VERY health hard cock so moving my head down I started worshipping his cock and sucking him deep into my mouth


It was then I wish whilst I was bent over that someone would be behind me pulling my arse apart and rimming me or better still pushing another 8” er me……..if only. Then I was offered a fuck !!! and was asked if I wanted it!! Such a silly question I was gagging for my first cottagfing fuck and had even prepared myself and as I was sucking him I felt his cock grow more inside my mouth.

Getting out the car we took one quick look around and it was and pulling my trousers down I bent over his car bonnet and he proceeded to fuck me – He wasn’t gentle at all it was more like a rape but I didn’t expect anymore and I was just glad my well lubed up virgin arse was ready for him.

Once inside me which even he was surprised how easy he slipped in he slowly started fucking me with vigorous strokes, I tried my best not to moan to loud but it was extremely hard as his cock was slipping inside, but I was now begging him to fuck me hard and treat me like his slut.

Even writing this I’m getting hard…. By now my arse is clenching with anticipation of more but he didn’t last much longer before he came. After pulling from me I tunred around and removing the condom I sucked and licked him clean and enjoyed every little drop of cum I got from him

Next time I hoping to meet with two males so I can have both holes filled at the same time …………fancy meeting me ?

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