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Maybe it wasn't quite cottaging but it certainly was sex in the men's loo!

It wasn't that I didn't like Sean or even feel uneasy with him either. We had met one already and it had been enjoyable, but this was a big step for me. I am not really a posh type boy but Sean insisted on taking me to this rather expensive restaurant. He said he wanted a dinner that was worthy of being with me. Now, talk about slinging it, as I pretty well figured out he was out for a bit more than a nibble on some fancy cuisine, still the idea of dressing up was rather enticing.

Sean is a typical Irishman. He had that rather rounded face with close cropped reddish hair that was always well trimmed. He had a smiling face that always seemed to be laughing at something but the guy was a sweetheart but he had that glint in his eyes that make a guy a bit nervous. Not in a bad way, as I said, he was a real sweet talker, but you could tell he had a naughty side. Kind of fun that but boy I sure didn't realise how naughty until we got to the selected dining establishment.

I mean, talk about posh!

It was all a bit unsettling as they certainly seemed to know Sean too. I mean the scraping and bowing, you'd think we were kin to Royalty or something. And the men! Man talk about some handsome beef walking around. Course it also made me nervous so after the first cocktail I needed to excuse myself. If I'd only know then, man I wouldn't have had that first cocktail even!

So I was shown the way to the men's room, I mean talk about service. Inside the loo, which really was more like a huge ballroom, was this muscular type all dolled up to the nine's, who smiled, showed me a cubicle that could have been a small hotel room. It hadn't dawned on me that there weren't any locks on the doors but I was only taking a wee piddle so it didn't bother me. Course soon as I had my fly down and was pulling the old willy out, that's when the door opened.

Now I am not a prude, but talk about being suddenly caught with your pants down! Sean's Irish accent was suddenly echoing in my ear and his hands were around my waist. I mean, talk about a fright followed by a rather strange thrill. The guy outside had to have shown him my stall, and I knew there were other's using the facilities too but it didn't seem to phase Sean one bit. He simply reached around and grabbed hold of my dick and aimed it at the toilet.

I don't know about you, but let me say it is rather difficult to pee when someone else is suddenly holding onto your dick. Makes it get rather hard and as I am not a wee chappy down there, well it naturally grew a bit. That was hard enough to manage but Sean was pulling at my trousers a bit and I could feel his own rather interesting member pressing into my backside. Felt rather exciting as I did manage a few drops while he caressed me with one hand, the other holding my stiff penis in the other.

Once I was more or less finished, I sort of turned back to him and saw that rather naughty look in his eyes. Now I am not a prude but frankly I have never done anything remotely sexual in public, except perhaps a wee kiss or two and a friendly discreet grope. This was totally different and I could feel his fingers undoing my belt, then popping the button. So suit trousers aren't like jeans, they are flimsy and well, suddenly there I was, starkers more or less with my trousers at my ankles. I didn't have on any underwear either, mistake I thought but as his hands moved across my trembling thighs, I figured, shit, maybe a blessing instead of a mistake.

It was then that I noticed on the back of the toilet a small collection of essentials. There was a bottle with a pump on it and next to it, a small little linen cloth with some damn condoms on it. I mean, talk about an equipped toilet cubicle! The sound of a toilet flushing made me realise I wasn't at home but it didn't stop Sean from reaching over my shoulder, pressing harder into my backside, making me actually lean over and place my hands on the wall, above the toilet. His hand reached out and he put some of that lotion on his hand and then, well.

Let me just say that I have never felt a man enter me with his fingers that way before. I bit off a small cry as he thrust those long tapered fingers into me and I lifted up my head and there he was, kissing my neck. It truly was something, to feel his raspy tongue on my cheek and then ear lobe, all the time his finger digging deep into me. I sure wanted to cry out from the pleasure but I tell you, I just couldn't. I mean what would the guy outside think?

Just as quickly as he had me leaning, he simply stopped. I mean talk about getting a person all heated up but he let me stand upright and smiled, then as he pulled my trousers back up, he took my face into his hands to deliver one of the deepest bloody kisses I have ever had. It was like his tongue was trying to reach my dick from inside. Then he just laughed a little and told me the appetisers were ready.

I won't bore you with the details of dinner, let me just say that I had a rather strange time. I kept having to go to the loo throughout the night.

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